FOG (Focus On Good)

The incredible Looming Eyes Buoy also known as the ‘Wall-E’ Scarecrow is saving seabirds from becoming bycatch in fishing nets with some amazing technology and a big old pair of googly-eyes.

Oh hey there…you planning to eat that last bite of sandwich? No pressure, I’ll just walk around you staring at it but, no pressure! Really! For us seabirds, catching fish is hard and I’m kind of just hoping you’ll throw me a bone here…or your crust. …

Coral reef agencies in Guam sign an innovative partnership agreement to make every effort to give corals around the globe a fighting chance in their warming ocean world.

Håfa Adai! Hello! Oh you can’t see me? Maybe that’s because I’m a 30 by (at its max width) 12 mile island holding a lovely community of 168,801 people in the middle of the ocean. Come closer…closer…closer…yeah you still can’t see me.

It’s Guam y’all.

Roughly 56 to 33.9 million…

FOG (Focus On Good)

Recent studies from the US department of Agriculture are showing that bee populations are back on the rise in the U.S. thanks to the efforts of many communities and individuals taking steps to beeify their surroundings and their practices.

Buzzz buzz buzzzzz! No need to be scared and run away, I’m just a little bee looking for a flower and you smell nice. It’s Sacredtothewood here to give you a good old fashioned buzz. And I promise, you won’t step on your laptop or loose your wallet during this…

Every furry or feathery friend around Los Angeles is cheering with us as we celebrate Los Angeles achieving the impeccable standards for saving every rescue animal that can be saved!

Y’all! I’m stoked! Cause I’m a little pup that was left on the side of the road by my owners but I don’t have to worry, because I’m in Los Angeles where my life truly matters. …

GIF by Danielle Moreland-Ochoa

You better get down and kiss mother nature’s feet for all she does for you! Our great mamma is under a lot of stress and can only be relieved to see the work of an organization that just gets it, Kiss The Ground.

Hi, It’s me, the little potassium you ate in your freshly picked Arugula, now being nom nommed up by your hungry gut bacteria here to give you energy and keep you healthy. Oh what’s that? You completely destroyed my home town? Not cool man…not cool.

This might be what a…

Chicago may be cold, but the people in need there are warm thanks to Peter Thomas, a local coffee shop owner who’s changing lives with a coat and a warm cup of joe.

That’s right…it’s me…the neighbor from down the street knocking on your door to ask if you have a Dutch Oven. Sacredtothewood here to drip drop a steaming cup of earthy-toned dark roast straight into your favorite mug. I know it…the green one with the tiny crack that doubles as the…

Nzambi Matee

Kenyan engineer and entrepreneur, Nzambi Matee is turning plastic waste meant for the landfill into strong and sustainable building materials.

That’s right, it’s me…the neighbor from downstairs who doesn’t just use the broom for sweeping. Sacredtothewood here to give you the skinny on a bad-ass engineer and her bad-ass idea on series 4 of FOG (Focus On Good).

Let’s start at the very beginning. What is plastic? Do most people…

illustrations by Marcus Seaman

Illustrating the amazing potential of every strong and beautiful human to make a difference, Marcus Seaman takes his glorious gift and ever so uniquely portrays remarkable activists and all around lovely people doing dazzling things around the world

For you my dear friend and visitor I begin with a Haiku

Beautiful human

You make my heart so happy

I mean it, you’re great!

Bonjour all you lovers of good news! Adorers of the tiny tickle you give your heart every time you fill your mind with loveliness. You…

Elliot Deubel partners with The Dream Builders Foundation running to a 1000km goal in search of some beautiful donations.

My people! Your neighborhood nudist is here to spread the love and the curtains wide. Don’t avert your eyes though because there is no nudity here. Simply the pure, unadulterated gleam of a human who truly loves the world. …

Created By Danielle Moreland-Ochoa

Actress and Comedian Kristina Wong created a volunteer “Sewing Squad” that is distributing masks and much more to communities in need and it’s amazing!

Hello friends, it’s me… your internet aunt here to kiss you loudly on the ear one too many times. It’s SacredToTheWood with some fine and divine news to lift your pandemic trodden spirits in series one of FOG (Focus On Good).

2020 was a year of mostly bad news. I…



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