illustrations by Marcus Seaman

People Who Are Changing The World

Illustrating the amazing potential of every strong and beautiful human to make a difference, Marcus Seaman takes his glorious gift and ever so uniquely portrays remarkable activists and all around lovely people doing dazzling things around the world

For you my dear friend and visitor I begin with a Haiku

Beautiful human

You make my heart so happy

I mean it, you’re great!

Bonjour all you lovers of good news! Adorers of the tiny tickle you give your heart every time you fill your mind with loveliness. You avid readers you! I’m about to drop a swirly twirly gumdrop of goodness on your Monday. I happen to be simply filled with glee about series 3 of FOG! I’m not just bringing you a talented and heart warming person to be obsessed with, but I am doing your eyeballs a massive favor by introducing you to their art.

These illustrations are one of the art worlds best kept secrets and soon to be one of your favorite things to gaze upon. Seriously y’all, you must head to instagram and look up @redcloverinc and you’ll find yourself scrolling through some serious eye candy and heart candy. Marcus is an enjoyer of life in every way and it shows and flows through the end of their Ulichney watercolor brushes creating a delightful and completely far-out design. Being a Pacific Northwest based Queer, digital artist, illustrator and designer only makes up half of Marcus because they are as well a thoughtful and deliberate lover of people hoping to, in Marcus’s shining words of truth “Give a voice to people who deserve it and who should be listened to”. Ahh! What a gem! Glowing inside! Ok back to this spectacular human.

Marcus is doing an amazing new illustrative series called “People Who Are Changing The World” on Instagram featuring some of their favorite, kickass activists who are out there fighting for change. As well being a talented musician, Marcus experienced a very disheartening industry and was happy to discover that the community of illustrators on digital platforms is super supportive and collaborative and all those other wonderful things you want from your creative peers and friends. I’m dripping with enchantment at Marcus’s illustrations and cannot help but highlight the original and inspired use of color. Marcus uses Procreate 5 on their iPad to create these lovely pieces and only continues to be more and more creative with their designs really showing off the vast landscape Procreate has to offer. Marcus looks at their passion as one that allows them to be free and unlimited with their inspiration and creation.

When you were young, did you parents encourage you to draw in the lines and color things how they are in the real world? What! Boring! I say blue is red and a dog is called a tree, my friends, because Marcus adds a beautiful, childlike flare of freedom to their designs making the illustrations not only interesting visually but even extra meaningful in their message. Marcus put it absolutely perfectly when they said “You can reach that feeling of being a child again and it’s totally appropriate.” Heck yes! We should all hold on to our inner child and let it shine in every way! There is a strange fear that comes with becoming an adult that grows and hardens our lines and dulls our awe and wonder of the world. That is why artists like Marcus who are not only using their art to make positive change but using it to reach towards people’s little inner child is so so important. Marcus describes how important it was to use their privilege to bring life to something and use that power to create some kind of change. In Marcus’s case that change is making all his viewers aware of the power of one person to make a huge difference. Marcus has brought some amazing people to my attention through his series like critically-acclaimed historian, social activist, public speaker, educator and influencer Blair Imani and a bad-ass educator and historian Lady Izdihar who educates her following on Eastern Europe, Russia and post Soviet states and how overlooked they are through her YouTube channel and social media. There is truly an ocean of people using their talents and passions to really give the world something it needs. Gaining a new awareness and perspective isn’t just the spoonful of sugar but also the medicine and Marcus Seaman is your Mary Poppins here to bring color and life to change itself. I deeply admire the work of this truly talented illustrator and encourage you all to do your eyes and your mind a favor and check out their art and message! The world is changing fast and might just be catching up with the speed of its spin. Marcus is here to give it a little extra push.

I adore you all for taking the time to learn about one of my favorite people and can’t wait for you to become captivated and infatuated with the one and only Marcus Seaman. Stay safe and give yourself an extra tight hug today y’all!

Your friend,